Omar Chihane wearing a black shirt with SellAnyHome on background Expands As Home Buyers Grow

Omar Chihane, CEO of, says that he can help sell any home in 30 minutes, taking proptech to a new level in Dubai.

Can you tell us about how you decided to start And how does it work?
I tried to sell a home a while ago, spoke to multiple agents, and had many visits without any offers. One day I got an offer over the phone from someone who never vis­ited the place – turned out to be an investor – which is when the idea was born. There must be more such people in the market like him so why can’t we put them all under one roof and give sellers more options, which is where cre­ating real time market coordination for buyers and sellers came from. And so I joined Saygin Yalcin who’s done this real time market coordination for another industry better than anyone.

The process is very simple, if you want to sell your home, you go to our website, submit the basic information about your home (location, size, number of bedrooms etc.) in our online valuation tool, and then we issue an approximate value for your property. After that, you can schedule a free home evaluation with one of our offer consultants. Our of­fer consultant visits you at home and starts a process that we call picks and ticks, where our offer consultant executes a 100-point check on your home while taking pictures etc. He/she uploads all the information to our app and within a 30-minute window, an offer is generated. Once you accept the offer, we begin working with you and the buyer to ensure a smooth transfer. The whole process is free, fast and most importantly easy.

What are some of the services you offer to users?
We have two types of users: professional real estate investors (buyers) and sellers (home owners). For sellers, we offer a free online approximate value, a 100 point check at their homes and an offer within 30 minutes. For buyers, it can translate to high deal flows, transparent evaluation and they can make formal offers on our app – from their home or office.

How many buyers and sellers have you had on your website till date?
Being a private company, we don’t disclose such information. However on the sellers’ part what we can say is that we are oversubscribed with and are constantly looking to hire more offer consultants to meet demand. Our aim is to eventually be able to visit a seller on the same day they make an appointment. On the buyer side, we have gotten a great uptake and are trying to keep up with demand – despite our strict on-boarding criteria for buyers. Our buyer pool is doubling month on month, which is great for all users.

What is the potential you see for in the Middle East?
We are very excited to be in the Middle East and to operate from Dubai. We see huge potential in the region and have already earmarked the key markets for our expansion plans.

How can you sell a home in just 30 minutes? Did the concept raise eyebrows when you initially introduced it
We can do that by creating real time coordination between buyers and sellers – the same way a stock market functions. Our buyers are professional real estate investors that use many different metrics to assess a value of the properties we offer. The beauty of this model is that each investor is different and has different metrics, so that’s only good for the seller – be it short term rental companies, family offices, funds, etc. All will assess a property differently and place their offers – unlike end users. Those investors do not need to physically see the property to make a purchase.

Of course anytime a new disruption comes along, any­time a new model comes along, you get met with skepticism. We are, however, confident in the viability of our model and are heavily investing to make it work.

Source: Forbes